Building an API ecosystem

This is the writeup of a session I delivered at both the Hong Kong Computer Society EASIG Seminar and Cloud Expo Asia. It’s about how, at PayMe, we started by creating an API product but realized our goal should have been to build an ecosystem instead. What is PayMe Wikipedia makes a decent job of explaining it:, although it’s a bit light on the products that are most relevant to this post: API and POS.

SPARKling PayMe

In early October, a delegation from PayMe team went to Amsterdam to attend the Spark+AI Summit. It was a productive week of sharing experiences, meeting practitioners, as well as learn what’s coming next in the Spark ecosystem… We also had a chance to share our experience using data and Databricks to enable a Data Driven Roadmap for our #paymehk products (PayMe and PayMe for Business)… …some say it’s worth 18 minutes of your time… see it for yourself :)

PayMe for Business: How we built it?

In the past few months, as HSBC ramps up its digital investment and seek to reorganize the way it delivers digital products, I have been asked this question many times. In some cases, people mean “Can you explain to me how your technology platform look like”. In other cases, the person asking was interested in how we built and organized the team, how we structure ourselves to be agile and lean, a “small startup inside a big corporation”.

My Very Own Azure Saturday

Last week, Scott Guthrie was in London and gave a ‘private’ presentation about Azure to some teams in the company I work for… I could not be there in person, but I’m told the below video has pretty much the same content… so I watched it. couldn't be in London yesterday, so watching @Azure demo by @scottgu today own #AzureSaturday ;) #cloud #Azure — Alessio Basso (@alxdwn) June 24, 2017