Thoughts on the role of Technology Architects

I was reorganizing some files today, and found some (handwritten! :) notes from years past… worth posting them, although they’re not very structured. On the Role of the Architect If I look at how I spend most of my time… Technology Architects/ Technology Strategist do three things: set directions make decisions solve problems (not my definition, by the way… David expanding on what this means) On centralized “platform” teams Platform as a Service is very similar in the way most old style IT programmes were: you built a central reusable service because it’s cheaper to operate common services centrally than reinvent the wheel every time.

Book review: Failure is not an option

I thought I’d share about a book I am reading now… which I found memorable mainly for the type of teamwork and leadership it’s describing. GBS_insertEmbeddedViewer('ISBN:0743214471',300,480); What about it? It’s describing work practices from the Gemini and Apollo mission control teams. Now: those were the people who worked - together with the astronauts - on all aspects of the space missions. They were involved in definition of objectives, feasibility, planning, to the design of every single aspect of the flights.