AEON POS Express app

I like a lot to wander around a grocery store, browsing the shelves and thinking at the tasty dishes I could turn all those ingredients into. One thing I don’t like is queuing up at the cashier, which usually is a long endeavour as people (at least here in HK) expect the cashier to both scan their items and bag them, collect the payment, etc etc… So I was very pleased to find out about a feature in the mobile app of a known supermarket chain in Hong Kong.

Banking in the Age of Social Media

I happened to be in Guangzhou last week, and attending an interesting round table discussion during a banking technology event. One of the guests was from WeBank, sharing his experience working in a technology company that happens to hold a banking license in China. He shared the fact that they started as a technology company even before they had the license, developing a banking platform that is now used by 8 local banks in China in a BaaS (Banking as a Service) model.

Cathay Pacific, mobile app

Few days ago, Cathay Pacific released its new mobile app. I downloaded the android version, and gave it a try. TL;DR? It’s better than it used to be, looks more modern, but there are a number of bugs still open, and questionable design chooices have been made. Here are a few comments. Two different loading spinners: why? Page transitions (see below an example of the language selection) are ok, but the “back” button should animate from left to right, not right to left.

A Website's restyling

Last Sunday, Cathay Pacific launched a new restyling for its website. It looks modern while still elegant, and — most important, given the lacking of a mobile app to book flights — it looks good on a mobile. I write “looks” good, because when you start using it, lots of small issues becomes evident. Let’s start from the beginning. When I first open the home page, everything looks good.